About Kennel Isell

Kennel Isell had its’ first Malinois breed 13th of April 1986. At the first show of the breed, the entire litter showed up.

From the left Leitha, Oud Sabbinge Dina de Zorba, Leiki, Lobo. Lascha, Lasjo and Leizy

Kennel Isell has exported dogs to Czech Republic , Slovakia , Lithuania , Finland , Norway,  Spain , Serbia and USA . All the dogs, except the ones in Spain, Serbia and Norway , how been used for further breeding. The one in Spain is just a family dog and the one in Serbia and Norway is not old enough for breeding.

The kennel’s main purpose is to breed beautiful working dogs. Kennel Isell is one of the few Danish kennels that breeds dogs both for further breeding, shows and certificates.

The dogs from the kennel are trained in the Police Dog Club and Special Club Belgian Circle 5.

The Malinois of Kennel Isell are dogs from an old, wholesome breed. The dogs are not carrying any hereditary diseases. The worst HD result of the kennel is C (only one dog), the rest are A and B.

The majority of the dogs from our kennel have grown very old and have all been well functioning up until their last breath.

I’m the Dane, who has owned and breed Malinois for the longest time, the same goes for my Czechoslovakian wolf dogs. I was also the first Dane to breed them.

Nilas worked as a security dog, until he died at the age of 14. Nilas was a certified police dog, before he started his career as security dog. He has also achieved certificates at shows.

Nami was awarded “best bitch” at a show, even though another contestant was a 14 year old champion bitch. Nami was in the patrol class in PH.

My passion for dogs started on my 5th birthday. I wanted a dog – a sct. Bernhard – more than anything. But my mother insisted – we were not getting a dog! My parents had had a dog earlier and it had not been a success. On my 5th birthday we visited my uncle, who had just gotten a litter of Fox Terriers. I fell completely in love with one of them. As we were leaving, my uncle approached the car with his hands on his back and said that he had a birthday present for me. He then placed little Bella on my lap. My mom could have killed him! But she couldn’t bring herself to say that I couldn’t keep the dog, but she made it clear that the dog wasn’t allowed inside the house. We lived in the country and it was totally normal to have the dogs living in the stables back then. But a dog that small is easy to sneak in, so it didn’t take long for Bella to feel at home in the house and my mom couldn’t help but adore her.  I spend all my time with my dog and I loved teaching her new tricks. When I moved away from home, she came with me. I only moved 200 meters away, so she could easily run “back home”.  In addition to Bella, I got the dog I’d dreamed about as a child - but she only stayed with me for a year and a half, after which she died due to illness. I found out that it wasn’t the race for me. Bella was a great part of my life for 17 years. She will always be special to me, which is also the reason why I give her so much “space” here.

After moving and losing the one and only sct. Bernhard, I wanted a big dog, either an Irish wolf hound or a great Dane. There were no wolf hounds at that time, so I got a great Dane. A really great dog, Aya, with a lovely disposition. My better half thought that with a dog this size, a course in obedience would be necessary (not that my fox terriers weren't obedient) This started my career in working dogs. Aya came in second at the final test and I was hooked - I wanted to train further. John looked at me like I was crazy and asked how long I was planning to train. I still do. I got a litter from Aya and this was how my career as a dog breeder began. Even today, my heart still melts every time I see a great Dane.






I got so hooked on training dogs that I had to have a working dog. We discussed a lot of different races. One day, I saw an article in the “Dog” magazine about Belgian Sheep dogs and that made up my mind. I was completely smitten.

This picture helped me make my decision and is the reason why I have malinois today.

 I HAD to get a malinois! Jane and Huib v Sabben came to my rescue. They got a bitch for me in Belgium ; unfortunately she never made it to the Danish border, as she died of pavo. Shortly thereafter, I met Xilly du Colombophile, she had a wonderful temper, so I ordered a bitch puppy from her. Jane asked what I expected from the dog. Firstly, she had to be a working dog and she had to fit into the racial standard, so I could put her in shows and later use her for breeding. Oud Sabbinge Dina de Zorba was fully qualified. She moved up into DCH’s class B at the age of 7 months and to class A, when she was almost a year. She was the first malinois to be Danish working champion and the first bitch of all four types to be INTCH. After 4 months of training at the Police Dog Club, she was certified at the age of 6 years. Dina is the original mother of the Isell dogs. She is very special to me too. I am so grateful to Jane and Huib for the great encouragement and help getting started, which they provided me with.

INTCH DKBRCH DKCH PH DcH A Oud Sabbinge Dina de Zorba HD A2

Nowadays, I still train using the rules I made for Dina. Firstly, it needs to be a dog, which can do the work, but it also needs to fit in the racial standard. I have based my training on old du Colombophile dogs + traces of other good old lines, as you can see under pedigree.